Greetings and grace. Thank you so much for your interest in being a Spin Awards volunteer. As an official Spin Awards Volunteer, you will be required to work a minimum of two hours and receive complimentary admission as a small token of thanks to you for your service.

Some examples of areas of service include: pre-show setup and tear down, merch tables, security, traffic control, artist accommodations and production. As you complete the volunteer form below, in the comment section, please indicate your area of interest ( some examples were mentioned above). You will receive an email within two weeks concerning the status of your application.

We so look forward to working with you to make this the BIGGEST NIGHT in Christian Gospel Radio as we bring glory to His Name. Remember that as a Spin Awards volunteer you are committing yourself to giving your utmost for the glory of our Lord and Savior. You’re thinking like I do that every day of my life and we say awesome to that as it is our desire that this event serves to fulfill His purpose.

Volunteer Application