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The Spin Awards Short Little Story

The Spin Awards, now in its 5th year, is a subsidiary of Heart 2 Heart Music Ministries of GOD, 501 C organization. The SPIN AWARDS event was created with the intent of honoring those who spin the gospel message in a way that is uplifting and fun to the audience while bringing glory to His Name. THE SPIN AWARDS has come to be known as the no-fee platform because nominees and artists performing are not charged any fees to participate. Activities during THE SPIN AWARDS EXPERIENCE weekend include seminars, artist showcase, a lunch, limo rides, and other activities that are all presented at no charge.
The SPIN AWARDS team offers an effective marketing opportunity for local, national, and international businesses to reach a broad spectrum of people. We expect to draw people that are multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and represent a cross-section of all socio-economic backgrounds who are social media and internet savvy.
As a SPIN AWARDS sponsor, we promote your brand, your product to businesses, to residents, website visitors, and even beyond to viewers on the Now Television Network and the virtual world of the internet via social media platforms. We believe it is worth mentioning that you will be supporting a positive worthwhile event.  Please review our sponsorship packages below and support the first and only event that strictly honors those who spin the Gospel.


Let us tell you how by completing this short form below or emailing us at or texting us at (706) 659-0980. Thanks for your interest. Much grace and peace. 

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