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Pastor Sctonda Kelly-Gordon

pastor sctonda kelly-gordon

This is Dr. Sctonda Kelly-Gordon. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your readers life.

Spin Awards: What first got you into radio?

Dr. Sctonda Kelly-Gordon: What first got me into radio. A dare. I was at a basketball game and the announcer said to the other announcer that was there “I can get anyone to do your job. I can pull anybody out of the audience and they can call this game”. Well the “anyone” was me and I had a gift, it was birth there, my gift of gab.

SA: Who if anyone inspired you to choose a career in radio? Why?

DSKG: Radio kind of chose me…but it was MoJo, an R&B deejay who saw the gift and first gave me a platform.

SA: Do you think it is tougher for women to make it to the management level in the industry?

DSKG: Yes because it’s a man’s world seemingly but girls are doing their thing in Jesus name. It takes commitment it takes relationship. It takes perseverance and I thank God for longevity in this industry. Twenty seven years and counting.

SA: How would you describe a typical Sctonda Kelly-Gordon day?

DSKG: Oh! A typically Sctonda Kelly-Gordon day begins by waking up early in the morning, smiling at my husband and getting the girls and my grandson ready for their day. I have four grandbabies, four, three, two and one that I’m raising. And off to the studios where I do the show from 6:00AM to 10:00AM and often times after I leave the radio station I head to the TV station. And then community engagements, church, pastoring. A typical day, you know, God’s stuff!

SA: What is your process for rotation adds for independent artist?

DSKG: Well artist have to submit via e-mail I review the music. On Monday’s I normally showcase new artists and new music. It’s as simple as that. If I like it, I like it if I don’t well we still praying for you baby.

SA: Who would you most like to ask to be co-host guest for a week?

DSKG: Wow good question! Hmm, I’m just open. I’ve interviewed a lot of people in my career. Umm, wow good question…..Appointed?

SA: What is one message you would give to your new announcers?

DSKG: Be yourself! Don’t try to copycat anybody else. Be an original, let God’s light shine in you. He gave you a voice and He gave you a personality and He gave you a platform. Just make it do what I do.

SA: What is the most useless “you thing” you do? Just fun Sctonda time, you know a little “ST”?

DSKG: One of the things that I do a lot is, I beach. I love water, so sometimes I’ll drive to a lake and sit. Go to the ocean and sit and sometimes I will drive four hours to stay 10 minutes just to drive another eight hours to another beach. So I love beaching.

SA: What’s your greatest everyday joy in your daily life?

DSKG: My grandchildren. They give me another level of energy when I look at them I see my legacy, I see my life living on.

SA: Do you sing/rap yourself? If so, what songs?

DSKG: People will not let me, people (which is my family) will not allow me to sing

out loud.They will allow me to pray, preach and prophesy.

SA: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your radio career?

DSKG: Preaching, Pastoring…Chaplain!

SA: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the radio industry ?

DSKG: It reaches masses..individually so it has grown. It’s a new platform, its causing more people and artists to be more social and interactive.

SA: Who would you say is your favorite artist? Why?

DSKG: D-Haaadddyyyy. Deitrick Haddon. I love his energy, I love his soul. He reminds me of the late Sam Cook but more individualized he is relevant. And

I like his groove.

SA: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

DSKG: More openness and honesty and communication with one another. Because sometimes folk are taking these people’s money and misguiding them and making them promises but its not their reality. So I would encourage the industry to start telling folk the truth.

SA: What’s next for you?

DSKG: Television, more radio syndication. Marriage. Traveling. Grandbabies.

SA: Any shout outs?

DSKG: Yes yes yes! I would like to shout out the best staff that a girl can ask for the staff of WNRR Gospel 1380 AM and 93.3 FM. My husband who covers me, who loves me. My mama, she is my rock. And I cannot forget Nutter Butter, Reeses Cup Twixs and Snickers, them grandmama babies!

SA: What did we miss that you would like to share?

DSKG: In this industry, I believe God would be more glorified if we remember, ministry first, business second. And if we concentrate on the ministry first then we’ll be more able to serve one another. Be more proactive in the kingdom and we’ll know be more effective in our assignments.

SA: Please share some encouraging words with us.

DSKG: Well in my spirit right now Is to know that all things are working together for your good and for God’s glory. I know sometimes things seem a little chaotic especially when you’re turning on the news and there are wars and rumors of wars and things are happening all over the place. But if you trust God and know that He has purpose and He has put destiny in your life. Then it don’t matter. And all the things that you’re working towards and working for…you know that when you’re seeking God first. all those things will be added. So I’ll encourage you to stay focused and do your destiny.