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Greetings and grace Anthony,

First, it was a pleasure meeting  during Stellar Awards Weekend in Atlanta. Please allow me to introduce myself again.  I’m Appointed representing The Spin Awards, the first and only organization that strictly honors those who spin the Gospel message, hence Christian Gospel Radio.

During the event I (one of us Spin Team Members ) approached you about providing media coverage for The Spin Awards Weekend Experience this year that will take place in the Atlanta, Georgia area, October 27-29, 2022 and you said that you would cover The Spin Awards. Thank you!

The main ceremony is slated for October 29th with free workshops and showcases on Thursday and Friday. The event will be hosted by Stellar Nominee Tony Gee and GRIFF of Get UP Mornings With Erica Campbell. Check out the Spin Awards at

As I indicated when we met, no need to apply for media credential, as you have been pre-approved on a special list of outlets.  However, please use this LINK to review/confirm/signup for media opportunities for this year’s Spin Awards.

Again, it was a pleasure to meet you!  Thank you again for being so kind and gracious to accept my invite to be media during this year’s Spin Awards Weekend Experience. Praying your best in the Lord.

In His Love,

The Spin Team

We have created an informational  2022 Digital Press Kit for your review. This press kit will be updated from time to time with new information concerning talent, adds  VIPS adds, etc, so please check it at your convenience. Please note the following:

* Only two (2) media passes can be used to cover the Spin Awards Ceremony and gain access to the event per network and/or station.  
Your passes are non-transferable/interchangeable and must be used exclusively by the person the badge is issued to at the time of pickup.

* If you are a media outlet that is a  part of a network or station, the network or station can only get a maximum of two passes and only one if the person (s) covering the event is a Spin Awards nominee (s).

* Please note that your entire team can cover the Red Carpet as well as the other activities happening over the weekend but only two members of your media outlet  will be able to cover the Ceremony.

Additional people beyond the two pass maximum, will need to purchase tickets to gain access to the main awards ceremony on Saturday night. In short, if you requested 6 media passes only two can be used to gain access into the Ceremony on Saturday night but 6 can be used to cover the Red Carpet.

Finally, due to cost and space the above is the best we can do this year. We thank you so much again for agreeing to be OFFICIAL MEDIA for the 6th Annual Spin Awards Weekend Experience. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, your awesome Spin Team that is dedicated to doing our best to be our best for you. The Lord bless and keep you!

* As seating/space permit