Pre-Approved Nominee Landing Page


Spin Awards Nominee Starter Kit

Congratulations! You’ve been pre-selected for the 2024 Spin Awards Ballot! Praise the Lord. We are so pleased to serve you! We are so excited about serving you and doing our very best to make your Spin Awards Nominee Experience as AWESOME as we possibly can. To accept your spot, please review the following and complete any information where required.

Before continuing, please carefully read the nominee guidelines.

  • Now that you have read the guidelines, congratulations, and welcome again.
  • Spin Awards voting tends to be very fierce, so please push your nomination vigorously. Push your nomination as if just one more vote will help you get  the win. Sometimes just a few votes make the difference in either being a finalist or Spin Awards victor.
  • Below, we have created some assets (video, press release, etc) that will aid you in promoting your nomination.
  • Please check the 2024 Nominee List (when available) to see what you are nominated for.
  • ACCEPTING YOUR NOMINATION: Please find at the bottom of this page your nominee acceptance submission form. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR NOMINATION, you are NOT an OFFICIAL NOMINEE. Your name may remain on the list but at our discretion, you will not be on the OFFICIAL BALLOT or listed in the Spin Awards Souvenir Book as an OFFICIAL NOMINEE.
  • Your nomination will not be complete and validated until you ACCEPT YOUR NOMINATION below. Please note that you have 72 hours to accept and confirm your Spin Awards 2024 nominee status.
  • The Lord bless you and keep you. CONGRATULATIONS again! So SpinCited!

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By completing this form you are indicating that you have read and agree to all the Spin Awards Nominee Guidelines.