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We are delighted to inform you that you are a nominee for the 2020 Spin Awards. To our knowledge, we are the first and only national awards ceremony organization that strictly and exclusively honors Christian Gospel Radio. CONGRATULATIONS!

The Spin Awards recognizes individuals and radio stations that spin the Gospel message who impact so many of our lives through their commitment and dedication in spinning the Gospel message. Your specific category/categories are posted on the SPIN AWARDS NOMINEE PAGE

The Spin Awards will continue to enhance and adjust the guidelines year by year. The Spin Awards and all its brands including The Spin Awards Affiliate Program and The Spin Awards Magazine are privately owned with our own set of guidelines and standards which you will find below.  Please read them carefully.

IMPORTANT: As a nominee, please make plans to attend the Spin Awards. There are no ticket purchases required, no mandatory purchases and/or hotel reservations to complete, however, you MUST be in attendance to receive your award. Exceptions to this rule are limited and can only be determined by the Spin Awards Staff at their discretion in writing.

 Barring those exceptions, you MUST attend the Spin Awards to receive recognition as the winner in your category/categories.  You cannot just simply send a representative in your place.  You MUST contact your awesome Spin Team in advance  to see if a waiver is possible or sending a representative in your place will be approved. 

All nominees will be honored with the winners receiving a Spin Award in their category during the Spin Awards. Every nominee will be honored during the Spin Awards. So please circle the date in your heart and plan to attend.

 IMPORTANT: Using special software or the building of bots to vote through non-existent email (s) or fake email addresses will be grounds for  disqualification from The Spin Awards voting process. Voting remains unlimited in every category. 

We are also so pleased to announce the EVERETT DRAKE DISTINCTION IN RADIO AWARD again this year. Mr. Drake will be on hand to present this award himself. The recipient of this award will be selected by the Spin Awards Committee and Board Members and will be presented to someone by Mr. Everett Drake himself. 
[wpterms id=”14388″] FAMILY/FRIEND TICKETS: If you have family and/or friends that intend to accompany you to the Spin Awards, please note that you are the only one receiving a ticket without charge. So any Spin Awards admissions besides you, the nominee, requires a Spin Awards ticket(s). Tickets can be purchased at when they become available.

PLEASE AGREE TO THE ABOVE TERMS [wpterms id=”14373″]

Over the upcoming weeks, you and your team should create a buzz through social media and beyond with flyers and other creative means to garner support from your fan base. Please use the hashtag #SpinAwards2020 for your social media promotions.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send them to We usually answer within 24 hours.

Remember, we created this event to honor you for the work you do for the Lord in Christian Gospel Radio. This is for you.  We are celebrating you! We are working so hard to present you with a positive, prestigious experience. 

We like to say over here at TEAM SPIN AWARDS that “It’s your turn” to be loved and appreciated. We humbly ask you to help us make this CHRISTIAN GOSPEL RADIO’S EVENT OF THE YEAR even if you cannot attend this year. 

We will send you more emails regarding other important updates as needed. In the interim and after……peace In and out!

In His Love,

The Spin Awards Team