Nominee Guidelines


Spin Awards Nominee Guidelines

IMPORTANT 2021 SPIN AWARDS INFORMATION We are delighted to inform you that you are a nominee for the 2021 Spin Awards. We honor those who spin the Gospel message. To our knowledge, we are the first and only national awards ceremony organization that strictly and exclusively honors Christian Gospel Radio. CONGRATULATIONS!


The Spin Awards and all its brands including Spin Awards Radio, The Spin Awards Affiliate Program and The Spin Awards Magazine are privately owned with our own set of guidelines and standards that we adhere to in an effort to maintain fairness to all by His Grace. We will continue to enhance and adjust the guidelines year by year in an effort to be MORE and MORE for every nominee. We pray you hear our hearts of love in all we do to honor you should there come a time guideline enforcement is required.

Please note that Awards such as The Everett Drake Distinction In Radio Award and the Spin Awards Gospel Radio Hall of Fame Award as well as other special awards are awarded by The Spin Awards and are not part of the nomination process. Also, Mr. Drake will be on hand to present the Everett Drake Distinction In Radio Award himself.

VOTING GUIDELINESUsing special software or building of bots to send your name in multiple times through non-existent email or fake email addresses to vote will be grounds for us to eliminate and/or void your entry/entries from The Spin Awards ballot, ultimately this means being disqualified from being a Spin Awards winner should you prevail in your catergory.  

ATTENDANCE GUIDELINES: Please make plans to attend the Spin Awards. There are no ticket purchases required for nominees, no mandatory purchases, and/or hotel reservations to complete, however, you MUST be in attendance to receive your award and recognition as the winner in your category/categories. Exceptions to this rule are limited and can only be determined by the Spin Awards Staff at their discretion in writing by email or snail mail.

Barring those exceptions, you cannot just simply send a representative in your place. You MUST contact your awesome Spin Team in advance to see if a waiver is possible or to determine if you can send a representative in your place.

EVERY NOMINEE HONORED. Every nominee will be honored during the Spin Awards even if YOU DO NOT prevail in your category. We beseech you to circle the date in your heart and plan to attend. We want to honor you, in person, with an eventful, fun-filled weekend while bringing Glory to His Name. So we hope to see you there. BETTER, we need YOU there.

FINALIST. Spin Awards Finalist are the only names that will appear on the screen during The Spin Awards ceremony. All nominees are listed in the Official Spin Awards Souvenir Book. Not applicable to Wild Card Nominees. 

FAMILY/FRIEND TICKETS. If you have family and/or friends that intend to accompany you to the Spin Awards, please note that you are the only one receiving a ticket without charge. So any Spin Awards admissions besides you, the nominee, requires an ADVANCED Spin Awards ticket(s)purchase no later than two weeks prior (Oct 09, 2021) to the event at a $20 ticket price rate.  If you do not intend to take advantage of the special pricing and seating arrangements for nominees and their families,  full “at the door” ticket price will be required for admissions. The at the door ticket price is $45. Tickets can be purchased now at

CREATING A BUZZ. Over the upcoming weeks, you and your team should create a crazy buzz through social media and beyond with flyers and other creative means to garner support from your fan base. Please DO NOT just take for granted you are getting “vote” support. Please push for your votes. Please use the hashtag #SpinAwards2021 for your social media promotions. We have created some assets to aid you in your social media campaigns but you are expected to create your own promotional flyers.

SPIN ITINERARY. Please expect activities over the entire three-day period. View #TheSpin InTin  @

MAIN VENUE LOCATION: Sylvia Beard Theatre, 2200 Buford HWY NE, Buford, GA 30518

DATES: October 21-23, 2021



QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send them to We usually answer within 24-48 hours.

Remember, we created this event to honor YOU for the work you do for the Lord in Christian Gospel Radio. This is for you. We are celebrating you! We are working so hard to present you with a positive, prestigious experience. 

We like to say over here at TEAM SPIN AWARDS that “It’s your turn” to be loved and appreciated. We humbly ask you to help us make this CHRISTIAN GOSPEL RADIO’S EVENT OF THE YEAR even if you cannot attend this year by liking, sharing, and posting. In addition, you can also support the Spin Awards by becoming a Spin Awards Affiliate, sponsor, ad purchases or donations. We are a no-fee platform. No fees for nominees, no fees for artists to minister with free workshops, and more. May the Lord bless and keep you always in all your ways.

Congratulations Again,

The Spin Awards Team