Artist Submissions


Artist Submission

Greetings and grace! Welcome to our Artists Submission Page. Thank you for stopping by.  Please note that a submission is just a submission and DOES not mean that you have been selected to be a part of The Spin Awards Weekend Experience.

With that said, we are looking for artists who would like to “musically be seen” because ultimately, the artist wants to bring glory to His Name. Selectees will be limited as there are not many ministry spots available.  There are no performance fees. 

We don’t like saying this part, however it is necessary, again, please note that  a submission does not mean you have been selected. 

If selected, you will be notified by someone on The Spin Team no later than September 01, 2023.

Thanks again for stopping by. Should you decide to submit, we look forward to reviewing your submission. Praying your best in the Lord always.

TROUBLE SUBMITTING? Please use this LINK instead.  Blessings and more blessings!